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Check out our brand and clothes created from natural fabrics !

Brand philosophy


We have been on the market since 2014.

Thousands of our customers will confirm that we know everything about fabrics. Choosing the fabric for your garment is our top priority. We don't recognize compromises. We use natural fabrics: wool, linen, silk, cotton and artificial: viscose, cupro, lyocell. It is the clothes sewn from them that serve a long time, do not change color, breathe and do not require frequent washing and ironing. Did you know that a wool suit can be washed once every few weeks and that it does not require ironing? All you have to do is hang it up in the closet, and overnight all the minor creases will straighten themselves. In addition, you can wear the same suit both in December and in July. This is because wool has thermoregulatory abilities that make it give us a pleasant chill in the summer and warm us in the winter!

Magic? No, it's nature! That's what we love natural fabrics for!

We oppose the use of synthetic fabrics in fashion: polyester, polyamide and acrylic. Our bodies deserve better treatment than being wrapped in plastic. We do not succumb to trends. Fashion is meant to serve us, not us serving it. We produce clothes that will not go out of fashion in a month. We design our next collections in such a way that you can combine them with previous collections. We know that you have more important things on your mind than choosing your styling in the morning, so we make sure that you get clothes from us that are versatile and fit. 

Responsible manufacturing

We're certainly not perfect, but we do our best to make our production as responsible and environmentally friendly as possible. See what we're already doing:

Fabrics and knits

We use mostly natural fibers, sometimes artificial (natural origin), never synthetic. We usually buy fabrics and knits from the best Italian and English manufacturers. We often use deadstock, i.e. already produced clothing materials, so we use ready resources without producing more without a purpose.

The wool we use in our sports collections is the result of a long search for the perfect material. It is wool that is produced with all environmental, water-saving and sustainable standards.

Most often, we choose materials that have one of the following certificates:

Sewing shops and designers

We sew our clothes at places that have specialized in making a particular item of clothing for years, so they guarantee that the clothes are laid out on the fabric in such a way that as few offcuts as possible are left and the fabric is not wasted. We know our sewing rooms. We work with places that care about working conditions and respect their employees. We look for sustainable and quality solutions around the world. 


Fabric tips

But if we have some fabric left over after sewing the collection then...we keep sewing! From the ends of the fabrics you will get single copies of mini skirts, vests or dresses in our boutique.

And if we have really little of this fabric left, we give it away to the friendly brand Zack Roman, which sews men's bow ties from them. Thanks to the fact that we use timeless fabrics, they work well in both men's and women's fashion.


Quantitative conscious production

We do not want to contribute to the overproduction of clothes in the world. To this end, we have implemented the following solutions:

I Short runs
Some of our items run out quickly, and this is a deliberate measure. We prefer to produce less, but be sure to sell everything.

II No notorious discounting
We don't play with price. We don't introduce a new collection and lower its price 24 hours later. We try to do as few price reductions as possible and preferably only at the end of the season. We prefer to sell less, but fairly.

III Bespoke sewing
Among our services, you will find tailor-made sewing. We will produce a given piece of clothing in one piece especially for you each time. This is the most ecological and environmentally friendly solution


Tailor's corrections

We promote tailoring corrections. Did you buy something from us six years ago and now widen it? Did a button in your jacket fall off? Think a skirt from a year ago is too long after all? No problem. We will correct, repair and make adjustments.

The important thing is not to throw away the clothes, but to give them a second life.



Brand boxes, in which you receive your clothes, are reusable.
Customers use them to store their small items in their closets, transport things from place to place, and even pack cakes in them ;)
The bags you receive from us at the boutique can also be used more than once. You can carry your lunch to work in it, and pack your groceries there when coming home.



We try, where possible at this stage, to eliminate plastic from our company's life. We drink water from filtered bottles, your clothes are wrapped in tissue paper, which we seal with paper stickers and then put in cardboard packaging, and we use only reusable dishes at our events.

The postcards you receive in our shipments can later be used as bookmarks.


Accepting whole shipments

We strive to accept deliveries of clothes in their entirety, reducing to a minimum the number of courier runs needed to transport the clothes, thereby reducing the amount of exhaust fumes produced by additional runs.

We are constantly trying to implement new solutions that take care of us and our environment. If you think there is something else we could improve - let us know!


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